The Best Cloud Telephony Service Providers

At Dedicate Media, we mark ourself as a ‘cut above the rest’ among the Cloud Telephony Service Providers, so as to assist and cater to the need of our clients. The innovative vertical of voice and messaging service that substitutes the need for the conventional business telephone system like PBX, EPBAX, etc. is known as Cloud Telephony.
Mainly, two types of network are used to access this service. In India and Middle Eastern countries, Cloud Telephony services are mainly operated by Power Switch Telephonic Network (PSTN). However, in most of the Western countries, they opt for Internet Protocol (IP) to operate the same.
With a mission to provide you the best Cloud Telephony Solutions, our team of experts at Dedicate Media ensures the right assistance so as to let your venture grow and reach its further heights.

Our Cloud Telephony Services are inclusive of the following features:
  • Our experienced team of experts, are efficient in managing & maintaining a cloud system and offer fully managed services. Our support team also takes care of the system in case of any glitch or issues.
  • We ensure a complete three sixty degree support from backend system, along with proper Resource scaling, as per the need of the end-user.
  • A data center is required to operate the Cloud system to run servers. Our self data center is absolutely reliable with high security, low downtime and acts as a quick solution to temporary technical glitches
  • Configurational changes can be made directly through the browser, ensuring a complete control over the system.We too provide guidance to make certain changes almost instantly.
  • The system allows to Integrate it with relevant software to maintain an organized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) along with complete details of incoming & outgoing calls, and listening to the conversations as well.
  • System can be easily managed and controlled from online browser control panel. No dedicated tech team is needed.
  • Our Cloud Telephony Services help to improve customer experience by offering full calling statistics for tracking.
  • Our Cloud Telephony System is mobile, and can be accessed from any part of the world, anywhere & anytime.

Get Services with Our Cloud Telephony Solutions

1) Toll Free Numbers

cloud telephony providers Every business needs a Toll free Number to let the customers interact with the brand. These numbers are free for the customers as the company they are calling itself bears the cost.In recent times, it is quintessential for a business to have a Toll Free Number.

2) Virtual Number Services

Best Cloud Telephony SolutionsA virtual number is one which bears no physical telephone line associated with it. On ringing up, the customer is greeted with a preset IVR message, which eventually asks the customer, who they would like to speak, and route the call as per the inputs provided.
All the calls being routed via a virtual number, it helps to monitor call performance as well, which includes missed calls, how long an agent takes to answer a call, how many minutes are spent on each call and so on. Also it allows to listen to call recordings.

Our virtual number comes with the following features -
  • Personalized welcome message
  • Auto attendant
  • Lead follow up notification
  • Voice mail
  • Call notification
  • Call forwarding
  • Call conferencing
  • Call recording
  • 24*7 connectivity
There are several benefits of using our virtual number -
  • Generates huge business leads
  • Increases the business marketing efforts
  • Increases productivity and maximizes the Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Boost customer & sales leads and eventually helps to grow the business.
3) Customized IVR Services

Customized IVR ServicesInteractive Voice Response (IVR) automates interaction with telephone callers. At ‘Dedicate Media’ we provide IVR products and services that drastically cuts down the cost for telephonic expenses, to and from the company.
We also help to setup and manage your own IVR platform and develop customized voice solutions to cater to your needs. Our team has executed successful voice applications and solutions which have won many accolades in the recent past.

4) Missed Call Alert

Missed Call ServicesMissed Call Alert is a complete automated web based application that helps to get real time updates and notifications about the missed calls received on a dedicated Toll Free Number. All the missed calls received on such a particular are collated and monitored on an online dash board.

It eventually helps to connect with each of the numbers, so as to convert them into prospective leads.

5) Call Center Solutions

Call Center SolutionsAt ‘Dedicate Media’, we provide inbound and outbound customer interactions with a flexible IP based all in one contact center technology. Our Call Center Solutions helps to innovate and deliver awesome omni-channel customer care experiences.

The advantages of using our Cloud telephony solutions are:
  • Costs much lower than VoIP
  • The system is easy to use, simple & flexible
  • Maintenance charge is extremely less
  • The system can be accessed from all around the globe, anytime and anywhere
  • Requires least manpower
  • The system is enabled with latest and most reliable technology, along with fully managed service
  • Helps to create a business with strong repute
  • Implementation is easy with minimum downtime
  • The system is automated and easy to use with high capacity & functionality

Thus, at ‘Dedicate Media’, our competent team of Cloud Telephony Service Providers, ensure our clients to get the best service so as to help the organization concerned grow and walk that extra mile.

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